Creativity, Colour and Curtains In The Countryside

Welcome to our brand new home!

Its been a long time coming, but our brand new shipping container home for Window Hang Ups is finally ready to be revealed!

To say theres been A LOT going on behind the scenes here at Window Hang Ups would be an understatement, but finally were ready to draw back the curtains on our brand new space, and share with you lots of colour, curtains, creativity (and cuppas) too!

So how did I go from making curtains in my living room to setting up my curtain camp in a quirky shipping container?

Here’s a little bit about the story so far…

Id been attending the incredible Hustle at Studio NL in Tur Langton, and after hanging out with incredible business owners, hearing about their missions and dreams, I knew it was time for me to do something different and take my business to the next level.

Before I knew it, shipping containers were arriving at The Manor and I knew I had to have one! In the middle of the countryside, surrounded by other creative businesses, it was the perfect place for me to be and bring my creations to life! (And most of all, the fear of missing out would have been too much to bare!)

As a Mum to two small boys AND a business owner, the work/life balance was becoming pretty non-existent. That, plus curtains and fabrics piling up throughout the hallway, it was finally time to take things out of the family home.

This new shipping container is the perfect place for me to showcase the work we do here at Window Hang Ups; Im able to show the quality, hand-crafted luxury that customers can touch, feel and experience for themselves. With so many fabrics to show and ideas to share, being able to do this in real life when customers come to visit makes it so much easier for them to visualise exactly what they want in their home for their window treatments.

Our gorgeous new space in the Leicestershire countryside is filled with everything from curtains, blinds and poles, to our favourite prints and fabrics, as well as lampshades, cushions, upholstery in a variety of colours, and so much more. Its a beautiful showcase of everything Window Hang Ups has to offer.

Come And See Us!

If you have a window that you need styling and bringing to life, Id love for you to come along for a visit. Drop by for a cuppa and a chat about your requirements, or simply get inspired by the beautiful selection of fabrics and window treatments we have available.

Its always worth giving us a call before dropping by, so I can be sure Im there to welcome you and show you around. Or check out our social media for our opening times!

Watch this space for the next exciting chapter in our journey

P.S. Want to enquire about your window treatments? Head over HERE to send us your details and we’ll get back to you with a bespoke quote.

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