A little more about me

I take inspiration from everything - from exploring a new city, sitting in a cafe or flicking through a fashion magazine, to a walk in the country or a necklace someone is wearing. Every colourful moment fuels my imagination, and I’m excited to deliver all of that and more to you and your home. When I’m not running my business, you’ll find me hanging out with my family: hubby + three boys! Eating brunch or cake, and running (but not at the same time!) Splashing colour on the walls (AKA painting the house) or renovating a piece of furniture! 

Live Colourfully

That’s our mantra. And we’re here to help you infuse that into your home too.

As a fabric magpie with a passion for all things colour, I’m here to liven up your windows with the prints, patterns and style that suit you and your home best. I believe you should have the best view in the house, regardless of what’s going on outdoors. That’s why I create for you the most beautiful window treatments, designed to transform any room and enhance your entire home. 

Choosing the curtains or blinds for you

Choosing the right curtains or blinds for your home can feel too much like hard work. Different sized windows, a variety of room styles in your home, not feeling sure how to bring the looks and colours you love together - there are a ton of reasons that dressing your windows seems like a task you don’t have the time or patience for. Whether you’ve just moved into a brand new home, are having a complete interior makeover, or fancy a simple room transformation - I’m here to take the stress out of dressing your windows! From measurements, fabrics and fittings, to hems, headings and everything in between - I’ve got it covered for you (complete with all the trimmings, too!)

Personal & Professional Service

I’m here to make sure having beautiful curtains and blinds in your home is a simple process you can not only trust, but enjoy too!Let’s face it: with a household to run, a business to tend to, a family to care for (or all of the above), it’s time you let someone take care of the work for you. You’ll get my undivided attention from our initial consultation through to bespoke design, custom-making and fitting.Before we’ve even begun, you’ll get carefully chosen fabrics hand-picked especially for you delivered to your door - and I can’t wait to hear how much you love them!