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Meet the designer - BON

BON the wonderful creation from Jody Myerscough-Walker produces printed fabrics and home accessories with a hint of neon, all hand designed and made in the UK. We love everything about BON, who can resist a neon pom pom…..

Our ethos here at Window Hang Ups is to support uk brands and brands we love and believe in so BON was always going to be on the list of who we wanted to work with. We are very happy to be a stockist of the fabulous BON. We wanted to get to know the talented lady behind the BON,  so we asked Jody a few questions……..

We asked Jody to describe BON in 3 words…...




When did you know you wanted to become a textile designer?

I have always loved art and design since I was little and would spend hours drawing and making things. I loved art at school but wanted a more practical application for my work than being a fine artist. I enjoyed the textile side of design at school and my desire to design fabrics started there. I then studied Printed Textile Design at Winchester School of Art and really enjoyed designing interior fabrics.

What does a typical day look like?

On a typical BON day I will check emails and process any orders that have come in, this may be through my NOTHS shop which means co-ordinating cushion deliveries or making buntings. I supply my fabric to interior designers so I may be processing orders from them or dealing with sample requests and website enquiries. I will be working on projects with fellow designers or arranging photo shoots or updating social media too. I also have to make sure Bert, my Bon assistant (and very cute guinea-pig!), has plenty of grass and carrots to keep him happy! I also work as a freelance interior designer, so some days are spent helping designers with interior design schemes for big hotel projects. Other days are spent advising customers on interior fabric choices for their soft furnishings at a local interior furnishings workroom, Coudre, in Winchester.

Who is your design hero?

That is a tough question! I admire fellow creatives who have reached that level I aspire to be part of, I don't really have one design hero!

If you were a paint colour what colour would you be?

Rose Fluo RSB34 by Bensimon for Ressource. I discovered their amazing neon range in France one Summer.

If you were a paint colour what colour would you be?

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Your house is on fire you can save 3 items, what are they?

Bert the guinea-pig! All my old photo albums and memory boxes of tickets and cards and as many cool house bits I've picked up along the years that I could fit in my hands!

What is the first pieces of furniture you ever bought?

I have been lucky enough to have lots of amazing bits of furniture from my parents. One that sticks in my mind is my first makeover project - I got an old chest of drawers from my parents and spent ages one Summer sanding it all back to bare wood. Recently I retrieved this piece from my parents house and updated it, much to my parents horror, by spray painting the brass handles neon yellow!

What is your favourite window in the house?

I live on a corner, so my house is full of windows! I like the view from my desk as I can see so many things going on during the day, deliveries, the same pattern of people walking their dogs, kids going to and from school etc, it sort of keeps you in touch with the world around!

One thing from your bucket list?

To travel more, I really want to go back and explore Australia properly.

What is next ?

It's an exciting time for BON at the moment. I have just secured a fabric agent to represent my designs. He will be representing my brand across the whole of the South of England, so we will be busy working on building up the scale of the business in the coming year. We have recently completed a collaboration project with upholstery company, Hana & George and September will mark the launch of this project, so keep your eyes peeled!

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know Jody the creator of Bon. Follow Bon on instagram and view the gorgeous Bon collection at Window Hang Ups.