Measuring Guide


Measuring for Roman Blinds

To measure for Roman blinds you need the width and the drop and to decide if the blind is to go inside the recess, outside the recess or on the window frame.

Inside The Recess

If mounting the blinds inside the recess measure the width of the recess three times (top, centre, and bottom) to find the narrowest point. 

Then deduct 0.5 cm from the narrowest point. This is the width. Again with the drop measure three times (right, centre, and left). 

Take the shortest measurement but do not deduct anything, this is your drop. 

Outside The Recess

If you prefer to mount your blinds outside of the recess we recommend you measure the width and height of the recess and add 10 cm to both. 

By doing so you’ll have a border of 5cm of blind surrounding the recess. 

This will allow you to mount the blind with ample coverage around the recess to block out the light when needed. 

Inside the Recess

Outside the Recess

Using the Window Frame

For windows with a wooden frame, you can attach the blinds directly to the width of the frame. Just measure from one end of the frame to the other. In some cases the window frame has depth to it, you may want to mount the blind only in the inner, flat portion of the frame. For the drop, you measure from the top of the window frame to where you’d like the blinds to end. We recommend either measuring directly on the sill or 5 cm below the sill.

Measuring For Curtains

With curtains you must fit the track or pole on to the wall before measuring the drop of your curtain. Any change in pole height will change how the curtain falls.

Measuring For The Curtain Width

If measuring for curtains on a pole, measure the total distance between the two finials (the decorative ends of the pole). This is your width.  

If measuring for curtains on a track, measure the complete distance from end to end of the track. 

If you have a rail with a centre overlap measure the rail as above and then measure the overlap and add the two measurements together.

Measuring For The Curtain Drop

For curtains on a pole, start measuring from the eye on your pole. 

For curtains on a track, begin measuring from the top of the track. You have three options depending on where you want your curtains to end: either at the sill, below the sill or on the floor. We recommend curtains to the floor for most spaces, but of course the choice is yours.

A - Floor-length curtains we recommend you measure to the floor minus 1cm,  but keep in mind that floors are often uneven, so measure to the floor on both sides of your track/pole and take the higher number.

B - Curtains below the sill, we recommend you measure the drop to 15-20 cm below the sill.The eyelet will fit poles up to 63mm in diameter with the inner edge of the eyelet set down 3cm from the top of the curtain. Measure from the top of the pole to where you want the curtains to finish and add 3cm

B - Curtains to the sill, we recommend you measure to the sill minus 1 cm.

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